Legaxus Technology Sdn. Bhd. which is founded in year 2019 and has more than 10 years’ experience in engineering, manufacturing and technology field. Legaxus Technology is an engineering design and development (DND) company with its headquarter based in Penang, Malaysia but offering solutions across the globe.

The name “LEGAXUS” is deriving from the word “Legacy” + “Pegasus”. We have a vision to strive our business into a legacy that go beyond perceived limitations while delivering innovative ideas into world-class technology.

We aim to achieve sustainable and quality growth with a mission:

“Gestate Your Concept Into Reality Tree”

We believe that everyone of us have big potential and wide imagination on creating something great. We provide a platform for those who wish to make their own products. Over the years, we successfully implement and produce dozens electronic devices of various complexity including hardware, firmware and software applications. We are specialising in customising engineering solution that comprehensively handles the project needs of our client from conceptualise to realisation. Legaxus Technology’s capabilities on designing and developing new products and applications by taking ideas and converting into marketable products for startups to elite business groups.

In 2019, our company has expanded for a bigger scale growth in our business. Legaxus Electronics Ltd. is established mainly for supply chain in electronic parts and components which based in Hong Kong. We have long-term close relationship connections with authorised distributor, global factory suppliers of components, mechanical parts and PCBs production. We fully understand that manage customer supply chain while minimising cost, mitigating the risk and ensuring continuous supply are our main responsible. Thus, we support market demand and capable to provide alternate or replacement part solution due to EOL and give suggestion on crossover part with shorter lead time to our customer with competitive price. We ensure and inspect that the components or parts supplied are in good quality before deliver to end customer.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

No matter the complexity of the ideas, Legaxus Technology is a one-stop solution for all your hardware and software development needs…

Time Value

Rest assure we can bring your idea into product in an adequate time frame.

Results Matter

With a ‘can do’ attitude, our team work towards attaining client’s goals and provide them a value proposition, which bring them back to us for their next projects.


Our expertise with experience allow you to easily customize your solutions.

Be Accountable

We take responsibility of whatever we promise to our clients and live up to their expectations. We include them in the decision process.


We deliver exceptional value with a sustainable and innovative technology.

Quest to Learn

We exist to learn new technologies, latest trends to help our clients stay ahead of competitors and gain profitable results.

Satisfied Clients
Projects Done
Success Rate

We Are Global And Have Helped Clients Worldwide.

What We Believe In Our Core Values.

Our company slogan:



A commitment of making a difference with highest quality in any undertaking, process, result with a freedom and growth mindset.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We inspire and energise growth in both personally and professionally to help our employees and clients achieve success.


Suggesting new ideas and insights to provide the best value for our clients with creative solutions.

We’re Here To Help Your Business Blast Off!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination